Espace Morphosis

Historical site offering more than 3,500sqm of modern, personal and secure spaces. With a brand new aisle built in 2020, Espace Morphosis offers workplaces of various sizes (30sqm up to 300sqm), partially furbished and with fiber hi-speed access.
We offer 1 year or more commitment terms and our prices are inclusive of all charges. Please join us in an island of peace near all common transports, Midi train station and major highways.

See your future private space

Level 4

B4A 18m2 net 23m2 gross 418,00€/month Enquire
B4B 23m2 net 30m2 gross 550,00€/month Enquire
B4C 13m2 net 17m2 gross 320,00€/month Enquire

Level 3

B3B 14m2 net 18m2 gross 330,00€/month Enquire
B4A 18m2 net 23m2 gross 418,00€/month Enquire
C3 300m2 net 300m2 gross 4 800,00€/month Enquire

Level 2

B2Aa 77m2 net 100m2 gross –€/month Enquire
B2Ab 22m2 net 29m2 gross 532,00€/month Enquire
B2Ab 20m2 net 26m2 gross 476,00€/month Enquire
C2A 76m2 gross Rented
C2B 57m2 gross Rented
C2C -m2 net 57m2 gross 800,00€/month Enquire
C2D 110m2 gross 1 925,00€/month Enquire

Level 1

A1-A 103m2 net 134m2 gross 1 954,00€/month Enquire
A1-B 73m2 net 95m2 gross Rented
A1-C 35m2 net 46m2 gross 709,00€/month Enquire
A1-D 34m2 net 44m2 gross 680,00€/month Enquire
A1-E 43m2 net 56m2 gross 860,00€/month Enquire
A1-F 23m2 net 30m2 gross Rented
A1-G 28m2 net 36m2 gross Rented
A1-H 30m2 net 39m2 gross Rented
A1-J 65m2 net 85m2 gross Rented
B1-A 130m2 net 169m2 gross 2 350,00€/month Enquire
B1-B 45m2 net 59m2 gross Rented
B1-C 69m2 net 90m2 gross Rented
B1-D 33m2 net 43m2 gross Rented
B1-E 19m2 net 25m2 gross Rented

Ground floor

A0A-A0B-A0C-A0D 190m2 net 247m2 gross Rented
A0E 40m2 net 52m2 gross Rented
A0F 38m2 net 49m2 gross Rented
A0G 42m2 net 55m2 gross Rented
B0A 130m2 net 169m2 gross Rented
B0-B-B0C-B2B-B2c-B2D-B2E-B3C 591m2 net 768m2 gross Rented
C0A 225m2 gross Rented
C0B 126m2 gross 2 310,00€/month Enquire

Espace Morphosis

Rue des Anciens Etangs 55
1190 Forest
Tram 32 — 82 — 97 | Stop Union
Bus 50 — 54 | Stop Bervoets

+32 475 312 764

To learn more about our workspaces, you can contact us by phone from 10am till 06pm.

[email protected]

We are also available via emails.